Bichu Maru

  • Bichu Maru

    Bichu Maru

    It ought to be held at first that there is still dispute even now with regard to whether this wreckage is truly of the Bichu Maru. So it has been opted to go through the name at any rate and indicates as well that the dive site is referred to as The Whiteface Wreck on the other hand because of its nearness towards an exposed corner of pale big stones. It is located near to Uruktapal Island.

    Bichu Maru wreck is about 360 feet long load boat reclines on its port section in 40 meters of water. Given that the cargo spaces are unfilled, access is easy at this juncture tolerating a totally free swim towards the engine area. The majority of the timbered decks have putrefied away; however this does permit almost unremitting sights of the outer surface and the chances for photography are superb even though visibility is not good in general. There are no weapon remains however the anchors are still unbroken.

    Visibility: 7 meters to 20 meters
    Depth: 40 meters
    Current: Weak
    Best Time to Dive: December to June
    How to Get There: By boat in 10 minutes from Koror

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