What’s the ‘You My Lil Boo Thang’ Song on TikTok?


There’s absolutely no denying that social media megahit TikTok is an ever-popular platform home to a variety of jingles and tunes which have resonated with users since the beginning. In fact, before making the full transformation into TikTok, the platform was previously known as Musical.ly — a space where users could create their own lip-sync videos for fun. In passing years, TikTok has shifted away from traditional music-esque videos and solely focused on cooking recipes, over-the-top memes, and genuine comedy. Although, that certainly doesn’t mean that the fad of music on the app has simply died down.

Recently, an undeniably catchy anthem has caught the attention of a plethora of TikTokers — and that would be the “You My Lil Boo Thang” song that’s completely taken over the platform. And no, we’re actually not referring to “Mood Swings” by late rapper Pop Smoke. In reality, it feels like it’s only a matter of time until this song absolutely blows up and becomes an even bigger musical phenomenon than it is right now.

Where did the song come from?

The aforementioned Lil Boo Thang song, which is currently trending upwards all over TikTok, was crafted by rapper Paul Russell on his @paulrussellmusic account. In the short clip, Russell can be seen dancing around in a room as the camera spins around him while he holds a microphone and lip-syncs his lyrics. The lyrics, which are undoubtedly catchy and fun-filled, include lines such as “you my lil boo thang” and “I don’t give a shoot what your dude say, girl.”

Along with the catchy lyrics, it’s worth noting that the song incorporates an undoubtedly groovy vibe and funk-pop feel that takes us all on a trip down memory lane of old-school music. Ever since a small snippet of the engaging tune was released, fellow TikTokers have been clamoring for Russell to release a full version of the song on Spotify.

In the aftermath of the catchy jam, an array of users are utilizing the enchanting song for many entertainment purposes — including eye-popping dance tutorials and videos showcasing their love interests. Basically, we might have just found the song of the summer that is out here trying to bring everybody together for a funky groove.

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